After 3 years of activity, Flyin Hearts is ready to undertake a scientific research in partnership with the best Italian Universities, aimed at collecting empirical data that allow us to validate the results achieved so far and to create a repeatable protocol.

To test the effectiveness of Wind Therapy, a study is being launched with the aim of not only analytically collecting the data of improvement found in boys, but also of inserting this innovative therapy in the field of personalized medicine with the aim of supporting adolescents with psycho-behavioral discomfort.

Goals to be demonstrated

    - resumption of the evolutionary path, of the school and of sport, improvement of relationships with family members and peers, restoration of autonomy;
    - decrease in drugs, comorbidity.

Rational of the project

    • substantial improvements in boys leaving the camp compared to others;
    • work on the upper limits;
    • find the right dosage to restore psychic functioning;
    • structural change (and not superficial given by hospitalization only).

The results of the research will be used to write an article to be presented to the international specialized press and will be the basis of a very ambitious project on which we are already working: the presentation to the European Union Horizon 2020 for personalized medicine (SC 1 - HCO -01-2018-2019-2020: Actions in support of the international consortium for personalized medicine).

Let's have a video

Flyin Hearts documentary trailer Porto Pollo '17