About Us

Flyin Hearts

is a non-profit organization DRE registered.

Founded in 2015 with the intent to support adolescents with psycho-behavioral discomfort through the use of kitesurfing and in general with the interaction with the wind.

We are the first in the world to have undertaken this experimentation and we have called it "Wind Therapy".


"Wind Therapy" project partner are:
Villa Santa Giuliana Verona Hospital

the only hospital in Italy with a department reserved exclusively for teenagers in difficulty.
Inside the Villa Santa Giuliana Hospital there is also a day center that organizes various recovery activities open to external children and a community for teenagers who are moved away from their families.


FH Academy

Kitesurf, Windsurf and SUP center based in Porto Pollo, which has developed an exclusive teaching method for Wind Therapy, aimed at achieving personal goals, rather than sports performance.


Georgia Gay

Our Vision

Every teenager has the right to be supported in the difficult path of growth and to find confidence in himself to discover their potential. Adolescence is a delicate phase of individual growth, in which teenager are confronted with the outside world, their peers, adults, the uncertain future and some individuals of them manifest marked reactions, which can lead to pathologies such as: depression, panic attacks, self-harm, eating disorders, aggression, etc.

These teenager need personalized recovery programs, studied by groups of experts, in order to accompany them along their path of recovery.

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Let's have a video

TGcom interviews Georgia Gay and dr. Amedeo Bezzetto on Wind Therapy by Flyin Hearts
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