Camps in Porto Pollo (Sardinia)

The camps are organized in Sardinia in Porto Pollo, a small village of surfers, where nature is still uncontaminated and where sport is the main reason for visitors.

The boys arrive in small groups accompanied by doctors and are placed in a dense program of sporting activities,
proposed by FH Academy : Kitesurf, Windsurf, Catamaran, Trekking, and relaxation activities such as yoga, music therapy, meditation.

A New Environment!

Being in a new environment, away from home and from the hospital, where patients become students, helps them to project themselves into a new dimension that facilitates positive reactions and new emotional levers.

Each boy is joined by a dedicated instructor, the binomial tutor-student plays a key role in the path: personalized programs and goals in which the instructor helps the youngster to find confidence in their abilities and to measure themselves with their own limits, to deal with the fears and to defeat them.

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