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According to the World Health Organization, a percentage between 7-10% of all children and adolescents is exposed to the risk of a psychiatric illness; 75% of mental health problems, in fact, they start before the age of 25 and 50% between 12 and 25 years.

It has been estimated that one in five adolescents suffers from at least one psychological problem that results in real diseases such as depression, panic attacks, self-harm, eating disorders, aggression...

Treatments and adequate safeguards for young people and their families are often a real mirage, due to the scarce resources made available by the Mental Health Services for Adolescents (SSMA), which fail to meet the needs and requests from young people (OMS, 2005).

The report of the World Health Organization (year 2015) reports the suicide among the leading causes of death in the world for a total of 67 thousand deaths (in first place or second among causes of death in Europe and South East Asia) .

Suicide in Italy is the second leading cause of death among young people. According to the National Adolescent Observatory, suicide attempts by teenagers in two years (from 2015 to 2017) have almost doubled: from 3.3% to 5.9%, or 6 out of 100 among the 14 and the 19 years have tried to take their own lives. (source ADNKronos)

The Community plays a decisive role in the protection and promotion of adolescent mental health, in recognizing the possible disorder and in activating in a differentiated way through a holistic and multidisciplinary approach that takes into account the patient's person in its entirety.

Flyin Hearts Onlus is just in this direction with its Wind Therapy born first of all as recovery therapy and suicide prevention.

The Wind Therapy project is an innovative project that is part of personalized medicine with the aim of supporting adolescents with psycho-behavioral discomfort.

In partnership with the Villa Santa Giuliana Hospital in Verona, Flyin Hearts organizes integrative pathways (with respect to the therapeutic treatment followed by individual children), based on a holistic approach to the person and on the strategic interaction of a series of educational proposals and interventions.

Through the practice of Kitesurfing the boys are urged to go beyond their limits and to recover all that self-esteem devastated by the rejection of their person.

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